Here is the concept that holds hidden secrets. Cleverly tucked away faucets and drains are coupled with a playful interchange of dual planes and horizontal lines. Glossy mirror set against raw concrete, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s renowned Fallingwater.

Floor-to-ceiling mirror that meets raw, skånsk concrete impresses with its precision and craftsmanship. With Intersect Concrete, you get a bathroom equipped with generous surfaces in addition to sensor-driven or recessed-lever faucets, holding true to its minimalistic design.

This piece is characterized by lines—both vertical and horizontal—that emphasize the contrasting qualities of mirror and concrete. The hidden drain further contributes to its mystique.

Limited edition; 15 stycken

Intersect Concrete

150 000 SEK incl VAT

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Blended feelings

In spite of its raw design, Intersect Concrete has an elegantly hidden drain from which the water is led.

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Product information

Intersect Concrete

The furniture consists of two horizontal generous concrete elements in different depths and lengths. The elements cross and are integrated with an impressive mirror reaching from floor to ceiling and is adapted to the ceiling height of the room. The upper part hides a touchless faucet, showcasing a flow similar to a waterfall. In the lower part a hidden drain runs along the width of the mirror. The drainage of the water is hidden between sink and mirror.
The furniture is also available with manual mixer for cold and hot water.

Plate glass
Touchless mixer with sensor from ORAS
Specially designed wall bracket in powder coated steel
Cover plates in powder coated steel

Width: 2600 mm
Depth: 350/520 mm
Height: 3080 mm (the height of the mirror is adjusted to the height of the room)
Weight: 200 kg

Download product sheet for Intersect Concrete here

Download product sheet for Intersect Concrete here
Download care instructions for Intersect Concrete here

About concrete

INITIs concrete furniture is surface-treated in several steps to get the best possible protection. Natural materials like stone and concrete are sensitive to stains. It is therefore important to avoid leaving liquids on the discs for a long period without wiping them away as quickly as possible. It’s when liquids are left for a long time as the stains appear. The worst enemy of a stone or concrete slab is acids. Acids, especially lemon, cause the slab to crumble unless it is removed immediately.

The surface treatment makes the surface less absorbent compared to untreated concrete. INITI’s surface treatment is done twice and penetrates 3-4mm into the slab. To create even better protection, we recommend waxing the surface with concrete wax, especially with new slabs. Therefore, we recommend waxing once directly after installation. Then wax again after 14 days, to create a good protection and saturate the concrete. Wax once every six months or sooner if necessary. Do not wax surface more often than every 14 days, otherwise the wax will not cure between the waxes.

Living materials

Since concrete is a living material, it changes over time (usually for the better). Concrete cures and shrinks for many years. During shrinkage, small cracks may occur around the narrower parts around the sink, these cracks are natural in this kind of concrete slabs and not grounds for complaint. If a crack should occur, be careful to wax around this area extra carefully, often the crack will then show as little as possible. Cracks do not affect the strength of the slab and are only a natural part of the slab’s appearance.

How to apply the wax

How to apply the wax: Take a fine sponge (Scotch Brite fine side) and apply the wax evenly and in a thin layer on the slab. Rub in the wax with the sponge for about 15 minutes. Do not give the wax time to lay on the surface for a long time and solidify, work well with one surface at a time. After working with the wax for about 15 minutes, the excess wax should be removed with a clean cotton cloth or similar. When removing the overflow of the wax, polish the slab (easiest to take a new cotton cloth) until the slab feels slightly shiny. Polishing is very important to ensure that all wax that is not worked down in the surface is removed. Leaving wax left to cure may cause discoloration in the wax by plain water. The more you rub in the wax the more saturated the slab becomes, and the protection improves. The first time the wax is applied make sure to put down the most time and effort on the application itself.

Summary application

– Apply the wax in a single layer, with a sponge, on one slab at a time
– Rub in the wax on the slab for about 15 minutes
– Remove the excess of the wax
– Polish the slab to a slight gloss to ensure that all excess wax is removed
– Do not wax surface more often than every 14 days
Should a stain occur, use the supplied polish cloth, work in circles on the stain. The polish cloth gives the best results on lighter stains, for example from dried limestone water. If you rub too hard with the polish cloth in one place, scratches can occur, if this would happen polish lightly on the area and the scratches will disappear. When cleaning the slab, use only lukewarm water or soapy water which is gentlest for the surface treatment of the slab. The soap also gives the slab a light impregnation of the fat, which is only good for the concrete.

The supplied polish cloth should not be used to apply the wax.
Good luck!


Download care instructions for concrete here

Intersect Concrete is a sturdy furniture that requires a stable wall. Contact us for assembly instructions.
The mirror to the furniture goes from floor to ceiling and is to be ordered and made to measure. Therefore, when ordering, we need to know the exact ceiling height at which the mirror is to be placed.

Please contact us to check off the details before you place your order.

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Product: Intersect Concrete
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