Our Story

Changing the world of bathrooms

INITI is a Swedish company that is changing the way the world looks at bathrooms.

No other room is so intimate to us. Nowhere else are we so naked and receptive to new senses. Still, our bathrooms have looked nearly the same since running water. This is something we want to change. We want to break new ground by creating drastically different solutions. We want the bathroom to take its rightful place in your home; to invoke a sense of luxury that you might experience at a more exclusive hotel. We even see the bathroom as the new social space where one can relax and mingle with a glass of champagne. A room where we open up and bring in new materials that surprise and entice us. A room where we mix the most soft, tactile materials with the most raw, evocative statements.

INITI stands solidly with one foot in the fundamental Scandinavian tradition, focusing on clean and pure materials, and the other foot in the future, revolutionizing the bathroom through innovation. Both now and in the future.

Limited Edition

INITI’s products are made in limited editions, with each product series unique. The editions range from a minimum of seven to a maximum of nineteen, depending on the product. Exceptions can be made with orders of more than nineteen, in which case the series can be tailor made. A limited edition ensures both the uniqueness of our series as well as access to the best quality materials.