We love the rawness and strength of stone as well as the clean, smooth lines. Reliable and calming. For us granite, travertine, sandstone and limestone are the symbols of our origin. And our future.


Yes, even marble is a stone, although with us it deserves its own recognition.
Refined and beautiful, hard and cold. It emanates a warmth and elegance found only in stone quarried from the northern Italian mountainside.


Concrete holds true to its bold industrial form. Hard yet warm, concrete is a material that never ceases to surprise us. Totally uncompromising and, at the same time, completely formable.


Glass has a pure, naked look and feel that is very much INITI. Its elegant finish transmits a magical play on light. Even the alluring, mirrored wall contrasts
beautifully with stone, concrete, and raw metal.


Soft, warm, and inviting. Minimalistic with a nonchalant elegance when admired from across the room. With its natural appearance and futuristic expression, it has a given place within INITI’s material palate.


Hardened steal, patinated copper, and anodized alluminum. Or why not brass coupled with varnished metal? Metal has a natural place in all our solutions, in underlying structures as well as in prominent focal points within the design concept.