Impressive marble

To hang an almost 200 kilo slab of marble on a wall is both exciting and incredibly bold. This attractive, solid marble piece is complemented by a trim and elegant metal frame. The contrast creates a totally unique look, for a totally unique bathroom.

Frame Stone is made of Grigio Carnico from northern Italy, quarried according to classic methods. By using solid stone slabs, the marbling in its entirety can be guaranteed throughout every piece, further highlighting the stones exquisite beauty.
The piece is wall-mounted on hidden consoles, creating an impressive suspended appearance.

Don’t be fooled by the slender metal frame, it can easily support the weight of the heavy stone. The massive marble sink paired with the airy, polished metal consoles creates a visual contrast unique to Frame Stone.

Limited Edition; 19 pieces

Frame Stone

125 000 SEK incl VAT

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Polishing marble to a bright and shiny finish is not so difficult. However, achieving Frame Stone’s elegant, silky-smooth finish requires a much more intricate process.

Frame Stone boasts impressive consoles capable of carrying the weight of the solid marble sink as well as enhancing the overall aesthetics of the piece.

The name Frame Stone comes from the characteristic, stainless steel consoles that support the solid stone.

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Product information

Frame Stone is made of solid marble. The angular hard-wearing language meets a satin finish soft marble. A stainless-steel sink is covered by a marble bottom plate that is easily lifted during cleaning. Underneath the massive stone is an elegant, thin frame made of stainless steel. The furniture is wall-hung and rests on powerful custom-made brackets, hidden and built-in in the wall, creating the feel of a floating stone block.
When buying a furniture from INITI, a tastefully designed and award-winning stainless-steel faucet from the 5mm series from Italian Treemme is included.

Grigio Carnico marble
Stainless steel frame
Stainless steel wash basin
Faucet “5 mm” in brushed stainless steel from Treemme

Width: 1500 mm (with frame 1670 mm)
Depth: 500 mm
Height: The height of the stone is 100 mm, including frame 250 mm
Weight: Approx. 160 kg

Övrigt: 3 specially made steel consoles are included in delivery.



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Download care instructions for natural stone here


A new marble furniture that has not been oiled is sensitive to stains. INITI’s furniture is treated with anti-staining agents, but should be oiled regularly a few times a year to saturate the surface. For daily cleaning, wipe it with a damp cloth and soap / wash solution. Use soft rags, preferably a microfiber cloth, no sponge or the like with a hard surface that can scratch the stone. The soap contains natural grease that, through regular use, protects the furniture from staining. Marble is sensitive to acids and therefore never clean it with acidic detergents or lime removal agents such as toilet cleaning, which is harmful and causes corrosion damage. Marble is also sensitive to substances, such as wine, vinegar or carbonic acid.

We recommend impregnating the furniture with a water, grease and oil repellent water-based protection impregnation. The product has a slight odor of solvents and is therefore particularly suitable for use in areas already in service.

Download care instructions for natural stone here

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Product: Frame Stone
Price: 125 000 SEK incl VAT
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