Brutal elegance

If brutal elegance is an expression, then it is the perfect description of The Wall. A profound wall of stone, with elegant, hidden storage compartments and a totally integrated sink. This bold piece speaks for itself.

The Wall is customizable, with up to three modules and a maximum of seven hidden compartments. The modules are positioned adjacent to a moisture-primed wall, and the plumbing is inconspiculously led through the stone structure with the utmost precision. It is an impressive design showcasing the attractive black stone in a discrete fishbone motif.

The Wall is both brutal, with its massive structure, and minimalistic, with its many discrete details. To an unknowing observer, it is difficult to discern the cleaverly concealed compartments, and even the discrete fishbone motif takes a moment for the naked eye to see.

Limited Edition; 11 pieces

The Wall

From 150 000 SEK incl VAT

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In perfect symmetry, the sink’s depth, width, and height match The Wall in its entirety. From the sink, the water is led discretely back through the massive stone structure.

The exclusively selected black granite with its perfect finish completes the look and feel of The Wall.

The faucet from Treemme in Tuscany is a design phenomenon in and of itself. With a thickness of only 5 mm, it is strikingly sleek as well as producing a precisely even water flow.

Blended benefits

The patented slender faucet from Treemme precisely blends hot and cold water and optimizes the even flow.

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Product information

The Wall
This is a wall, and yet at piece of furniture. Clean and simple on the outside, complex behind the surface.

The furniture consists of three sections that can be combined in four different ways. Listed below are the dimensions for the metal constructions exact position holding the modules with mirror, sink and storage compartments and the black stone granite tiles supplied with each module. The downloadable product sheet for The Wall features clear images and measurements of the different selectable combinations.

Additional black granite tiles are ordered based on needs and are tiled as desired depending on space and wall design.

Modul A consists of a sink with faucet and three mirrors, one with a concealed two-level compartment drawer.
Width: 765 mm
Height: 2060 mm

Modul B consists of a section left of the sink with one horizontal and two standing compartments with double-sided drawers.
Width: 2045 mm
Height: 2060 mm

Modul C consists of a section with hidden storage to the right side of the sink; one standing and two horizontal drawers.
Width: 2045 mm
Hight: 2066 mm

Tiles, drawer- and cabinet fronts and sink in Black Granite, Nero Assoluto Mirror above the sink with concealed double-sided drawers

Two wall-mounted mirrors

Wall construction in painted metal

Drawers and cabinet compartment in moisture resistant MDF

Drawers with push-to-open-function from BLUM

Wall-mounted faucet 5 mm from Treemme



Download product sheet for The Wall here
Download care instructions for natural stone here

The properties of different types of natural stone and its sensibility vary depending on hardness and impact resistance.

The surfaces are more durable while the edges may be more sensitive to impact.

Granite is a very durable material, resistant to mechanical damage, withstands water and rough treatment. INITI’s furniture are impregnated to simplify cleaning and maintenance. For cleaning Granite furniture, use ordinary detergents or all-purpose cleaning products, but preferably cleaning soap as it has a natural fat that protects the stone. Granite is not sensitive to acidic substances or chemicals, but these should still be used with caution.

Stain removal
There is no general detergent for stain removal on stone. The causes of the spots vary as well as the stone and therefore the choice of detergent must be adapted to the type and location of the stain. Granite is a very durable material and retains its shine even if it is exposed to severe wear strain. The faster the stain is removed, the greater the chance of a good result. Deeply penetrated stains, can be difficult or impossible to get rid of. Therefore, be careful not to worsen the stain or damage the stone.

We recommend impregnating the furniture with a water, grease and oil repellent water-based protective impregnation. The product should have a low odour of solvents for use in areas already in service.

Our recommendation is to follow our care instructions carefully and your furniture will keep its nice finish for a long time.

To order The Wall you need to know about the following:

The wall is built in front of your wet room wall, there is no wet room protection in the furniture itself. The installation must therefore be performed according to current guidelines.

– The depth of the wall is slightly adjustable, but requires at least 42 cm depth.

– Decide on how many modules you want and can fit within the space.

– In addition to the space that consists of the modules, its needed to decide on how many additional wall squares, both height and width, you want to dress with stones.

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Product: The Wall
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