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A granite block. An inspired designer. And a devoted artisan. The result: Raw Stone. A kitchen island equivilant for the bathroom. The raw form and material are what make the piece. The surface is so rough you may hesitate before setting down your glass.

It took many months for us to find a stone craftsman that could produce the unique, raw surface of the stone. We eventually found a supplier in Italy capable of splitting the Bohus granite. The sophisticated process of cutting the stone results in a unique product each time. The raw texture contrasts beautifully with the smooth, clean finish of the drawers and sides. A piece that should be placed prominently in the center of the bathroom—not pushed aside a wall or into a corner. Each drawer is equipped with a motor from Blum that guarantees seamless opening and closing.

Inspiration of Raw Stone comes from the ice-aged boulders that can occassionally be seen scattered like islands throughout the woodlands of Sörmland. The surface of Raw Stone is the essence of what INITI stands for—it challenges the conventions of functionallity and design, and refuses to be anywhere other than front and center.

Limited Edition; 7 pieces

Raw Stone

250 000 SEK incl VAT

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Refined craftsmanship

Eachgranite block is made by highly adept craftsmen north of Verona, Italy.

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Product information

Raw Stone

made by Swedish Bohus granite, carefully chosen for each specific furniture. The furniture is freestanding and has four drawers on each long side with push-to-open function. The top plate is rough and vibrant, giving the feel of a block of rock has moved into your bathroom. We love the natural and want the stone to keep its origin. Therefore, the stone is completely untreated, except for an impregnation that prevents stains. The stone lives its own life and can eventually get patina and change, just like a stone in nature. Buying a furniture from INITI, a tastefully designed and award-winning faucet, from the 5 mm series from Italian Treemme is included.

Bohus Granite
Washbasin in powder coated aluminum
Frame in powder coated steel and painted MDF
Drawers Tip-on and Blumotion from Blum
Faucet “5 mm” in brushed steel from Treemme

Bredd: 1250 mm
Djup: 700 mm
Höjd: 950 mm
Vikt: Approx. 200 kg

Download product sheet for Raw Stone here 



Download product sheet for Raw Stone here
Download care instructions for natural stone here


Granit is a hard stone with a naturally strong surface and therefore resistant to scratches. However, a matte or rough surface, regardless of material, may more easily absorb and get stains and should therefore be oiled or impregnated. Granite is resistant to most detergents, but stone cover / green soap is preferred on a regular basis as it provides a protective impregnation.

We recommend impregnating the furniture with a water, grease and oil repellent water-based protection impregnation. The product has a slight odor of solvents and is therefore particularly suitable for use in areas already in service.

Download care instructions for natural stone here.

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Product: Raw Stone
Price: 250 000 SEK incl VAT
Delivery estimate: approx. 10 weeks
Shipping method: Delivery to door
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