Metallic beauty

Imagine a plate of aluminum, molded into a sleek and elegant base, and then anodized to a stunning finish that is unique and everlasting. Top that with a rasterized plate of the same finish that both accentuates the esthetic appeal as well as concealing central storage.

Hex Metal is wall-mounted (or can even be hung in the middle of the room on a half-wall, as seen in our showroom). The entire piece, except for the drawers, is made of aluminum. The drawers are motor-driven and have generous amounts of storage. The top plate, which is equipped with hydraulic springs, opens effortlessly to clean.

Producing the intrinsic hexagon raster is very time-demanding, but well worth the effort. When the water flows through the angular holes, it produces an almost illusionary effect. With its distinct design and arduous creation process, the top plate brings an entirely unique look and feel to your bathroom.

Limited Edition; 13 pieces

Hex Metal

225 000 SEK incl VAT

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The name Hex comes from the 6-sided holes in the raster that is central to the concept of Hex Metal. The holes are suitably sized and positioned to accommodate the flow of running water.

The stainless-steel faucet from Treemme perfectly complements the stainless-steel raster, resulting in a striking duo.

The convergence of different materials is central to INITI’s design philosophy, and with Hex Metal the convergence is indisputably impressive.

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Product information

Hex Metal is a generous wall-hunged furniture entirely in aluminum. The top plate consists of a grid with hexagon shaped holes in a size pattern adapted to the water flow. The top plate is easily opened for cleaning, by gas springs. Three wide drawer fronts at different heights hide spacious drawers in different sizes. The drawers are equipped with SERVO-DRIVE, an electrical opening function from Blum. A light push opens the front drawers automatically. With the integrated BLUMOTION attenuation, the drawers also have a soft and quiet closing. Buying Hex Metal from INITI includes two tastefully designed and award-winning faucets, 5 mm series from Italian Treemme.

Natural anodized aluminum top and front
Black anodized frame
2 piece “5 mm” faucets in brushed steel from Treemme
Drawers with Servo-Drive and BLUMOTION Gas springs for opening the top plate for access / cleaning of underlying sink
2 specially designed steel brackets for wall mounting are included

Width: 2000 mm
Depth: 505 mm
Height: 600 mm
Weight: ca 90 kg

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The aluminum has undergone a chemical treatment to get the anodized surface. An anodized surface is durable and does not require much maintenance, but it is sensitive to scratches. When cleaning, we recommend using a soft cloth and lukewarm water.

Powder coated surface
The black sink is made of powder coated aluminum. Even this surface is hardwearing and durable, but is sensitive to scratches.
When cleaning use a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Plain detergents without ammonia, abrasives and acid, can also be used. Avoid chemical or corrosive products and abrasive cleaning and rags.

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Product: Hex Metal
Price: 225 000 SEK incl VAT
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