Smooth hardness

A piece that takes its rightful place in a room. Glossy and elegant at its core, strong and durable on the outside. Linear meets angular in perfect harmony.

An archetype for future stand-alone bathroom furniture, it even provides clever storage - with both large and small drawers - on either side.

A kitchen island equivalent of the bathroom. The satin finish of Corian coupled with the unrefined character of copper is extraordinary. The design is inspired by modern aviation’s stealth technology. When you take a closer look at the details, the copper resembles lava flowing through black lava stone.

Limited Edition; 13 pieces

Bold Corian

225 000 SEK incl VAT

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Imagine a heavy drawer, of German quality and precision, that opens and closes effortlessly with push-to-open technique.

The faucet - in a slightly higher model - floats elegantly over the black, satin-finished Corian.

The black Corian base is enhanced by the polished copper details. A design sensation where dark meets light, soft meets hard.

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Mixed feelings

Bold Corian is not for everyone. The design is unequivocally audacious – a piece that either entices or defies you.

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We select the most interesting materials.

We give our skilled employees the time they need to create magic.

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Product information

Bold Corian is a generous stand-alone furniture in dark gray Corian with a high copper plinth. Underneath the Corian bottom plate in the wash sink, a copper base is glimpsed. The long sides contain double drawers with shared drawer fronts on each side. The drawers are equipped with SERVO-DRIVE, an electrical opening function from Blum. A light push opens the front drawers automatically. With the integrated BLUMOTION attenuation, the drawers also close soft and quiet. Bold Corian is the bathroom’s equivalent to the kitchen island. A furniture that require its place from both the perspective of function and design.

Corian® was invented and launched by DuPont just over 40 years ago. The material consists of 2/3 parts natural minerals and 1/3 part acrylic as well as pigment. The features of a Corian® furniture are that it is free from visible joints, easy to handle, has outstanding durability and is soft and warm when touched. The surface that is homogeneous and porphic rejects dirt, moisture and bacteria. Corian® can be used without problems in humid environments and therefore fits perfectly in bathrooms.

Nocturne-Gray Corian / Solid Surface
Polished copper
Drawers with Servo-Drives push-to-open function and Blumotion for soft closing from Blom
Lighting in drawers
Faucet 5 mm in brushed black-lacquered steel from Treemme

Width: 150 mm
Depth: 710 mm
Height: 900 mm (drawer height 550 mm)
Weight: Approx. 200 kg

Download product sheet for Bold Corian here
Download care instructions for Corian® here
Download care instructions for copper here


Minimal care is required for Corian® to look fresh. For daily cleaning, wipe the furniture with a damp cloth in microfiber and water and then wipe dry. Most stains and greases are removed with water and a touch of hand dishwashing detergent. The more you polish Corian®, the smoother the material becomes. To prevent the furniture’s luster to become uneven over time, and in order to keep the surface matte, a mild detergent with abrasive effect is required. Clean the entire surface with a cloth and use soft circular movements. Rinse / wipe with a damp cloth and wipe dry with paper or a soft cloth.

Strong chemicals such as colorants, solvents, chlorine, stoppers, acetone should be removed quickly with water and hand dishwashing detergent to avoid damage to the furniture. If the surface is exposed to chemicals for a long time, it may be damaged. Nail polish can be removed with remover (without acetone) and then rinsed off with water.

Avoid scratches
Scratches, dust and ordinary wear appear more on dark surfaces than light and patterned surfaces. Therefore, be careful with objects that can scratch the surface.

Damage to the furniture
If any Corian® surface of the furniture would be damaged, for example, an item being dropped and causing cracks or badges, it will be possible to repair. DuPont ™ Corian® is a renewable material because of its solid and homogeneous composition. Most damages, even serious damage and heat and chemical damage, can usually be repaired on site. The material is restored to original condition with the same smooth, hygienic solid surface as before. Should a damage occur, please contact us and we will forward you a contact with a Corian® Authorized Craftsman who can repair your furniture.

We recommend that you follow our care instructions carefully for your Corian®
Furniture. It will then keep its fine finish for a long time to come.


Copper is a natural antibacterial metal, which is beneficial in hygiene use, since bacteria cannot live there. For daily cleaning use a soft brush or sponge and a neutral hand washing detergent. DO NOT use a sponge with a coarse side or the like as this will cause scratches in the copper. Avoid strong detergents and immediately wash away high oxygen stains as they may cause discoloration. Even chlorine and saline can cause discoloration. Should this still happen, or if you want a shiny copper, use polishes for copper, such as copper pads, to regain a shiny, smooth surface. Copper ages and oxidizes beautiful over time and that is the INITI design idea for this furniture. So, if you want the nice aged patina, just leave the surface as it is.


Download Corian® care instructions here
Download care instructions for copper here

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